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 Guild residence

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PostSubject: Guild residence   Guild residence EmptyTue Nov 29, 2011 3:23 am

Hello Kicker's!

As part of our continuing effort to improve our community, we are now giving guild residence!!!

Each active guild in game may have their own section in this area.

Here are some reminder's that you need to follow in this section

Basic rules:
1-Guild must be active both in game and forum.

2-Guild must maintain daily post in their guild residence area

3-Member's can do what ever they want in their respective residence as long as they are not doing any illegal act.

4-Residing guild that is not updating their thread will be punish
-1st offence: Warning
-2nd offence: removal of their guild in the guild residence (they can apply again after 2 months)
-3rd offence: removal of their guild in the guild residence permanetly.

Note: for new guild's who want to apply for residency, Please send a PM to Apsik with the following information

Guild's name:
Guild's Master:
Guild's active members:
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Guild residence
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